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For a Good Time, Call... Free movie streaming

For a Good Time, Call... Free movie streaming

The reserved Lauren and the irrepressible Katie are polar opposites... and past enemies. But when both come up short on the funds needed to afford their dream New York City apartment a mutual friend re-introduces them and they reluctantly agree to room together. These apartment-mates have nothing in common - until Lauren discovers that Katie is working as a phone-sex operator, and recognizes a good business opportunity. But as their business partnership takes off, their newfound friendship finds unexpected challenges that may leave them both, as they say, hanging on the telephone. -- (C) Focus
Release Date For a Good Time, Call... Aug 31, 2012 Limited

Actors For For a Good Time, Call...

Ari Graynor,Lauren Anne Miller,Justin Long,Mark Webber,James Wolk,Nia Vardalos,Lawrence Mandley,Eddie Geller,Josh Rubin,Steve Shaw,Mimi Rogers,Don McManus,Sugar Lyn Beard,Seth Rogen,Ken Marino,Martha MacIsaac

Genres For a Good Time, Call... : Drama,Comedy

User Ranting For a Good Time, Call... : 3.7
User Percentage For For a Good Time, Call... : 65 %
User Count Like for For a Good Time, Call... : 38,303
All Critics Ranting For For a Good Time, Call... : 5.4
All Critics Count For For a Good Time, Call... : 102
All Critics Percentage For For a Good Time, Call... : 56 %

Review For For a Good Time, Call...

Unfortunately Travis lacks the comedic skill and humanistic insight to make this anything more than Judd Apatow lite.
Drew Hunt-Chicago Reader

A fun, healthy, sexy comedy that pulls no punches and focuses on a realistic female friendship and the powerful dynamic that sexuality plays in our lives.
Amanda Mae

The film is worth seeing for the humor and for its high level of energy, but it falls short of being the "complete package."
James Berardinelli-ReelViews

Is it one for the ages? No. Is it a good time? Good enough.
Tom Long-Detroit News

The film (a) is not recommended for the prudish and (b) does not live up to its title.
Carrie Rickey-Philadelphia Inquirer

The film is a wobbly attempt to follow in the stilettos of "Bridesmaids," but its tissue-sharp punch lines and undernourished characters fall woefully short.
Colin Covert-Minneapolis Star Tribune

short on laughs and high on vulgarity
Richard Knight-Knight at the Movies

For a Good Time, Call... is one of those pleasant surprises sometimes experienced in the cinema when the Gods of Celluloid, reading your attendance as a sign of defeat, take pity and alchemise the material you'd braced yourself to despise.
Ed Whitfield-The Ooh Tray

Tedious and repellent: avoid.
Rachel Cooke-Observer [UK]

If there's one thing more annoying than the dumb mainstream sex comedy, it's the dumb mainstream sex comedy that has aspirations towards indie funk.
Donald Clarke-Irish Times

Colourful direction and sparky performances help make this friendship comedy watchable, although it never seems like a finished film.

The film keeps trying to be filthy and outrageous, but is actually rather timid.
Christopher Tookey-Daily Mail [UK]

What saves this ultimately charming indie... from its inescapable sitcomishness and an over-reliance on some tired stereotypes is that it does manage genuine cuteness in a realm that has enormous potential to be icky and crude.
MaryAnn Johanson-Flick Filosopher

Ari Graynor and Lauren Anne Miller are great as the sassy pair and despite a veneer of sex, in truth the film is more about friendship.
Mark Adams-Daily Mirror [UK]

Disarmingly sweet, defending the girls' enterprise and friendship in the face of all judgment.
Mike McCahill-Guardian [UK]

Transcends the more pat aspects of its story, connecting in fun fashion by sheer force of personality.
Brent Simon-Shared Darkness

Has emotional authenticity and a decent laugh quotient, but overall enjoyment is marred by general ridiculous and unresolved sub-plots.
Priscilla Eyles-Little White Lies

Earns points for focusing on the central female friendship and for its refreshingly frank and breezy attitude to sex, though it's slightly let down by a late-arriving plot development that fails to fully convince.
Matthew Turner-ViewLondon

Think American Pie (without the sight gags) meets Sex and the City (without the gloss) and you've got this, a girls-on-top comedy that's all spit and no polish.
Elliott Noble-Sky Movies

Watching [Travis] add his kitschy touch to such a witless, faux-edgy movie can only be described as a Travis-ty.
David Fear-Time Out

For A Good Time delivers, yes, exactly that.
Josh Winning-Total Film

[It] sports such a puppy-ish desire to be liked, but for a really good time, you'd be better off just watching Bridesmaids again.
Eddie Harrison-The List

The idea that phone sex workers can turn out to be quite different than their disembodied voices imply might be worth exploring by a more earnest, diligent and engaged intelligence than whatever drove this project.
Philip Martin-Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The two charmingly funny leads and smart, timely dialogue are what make the film work; bottom line, calling upon this comedy flick will definitely result in a good time.
Kofi Outlaw-ScreenRant

Naughty but nice.
Kelly Vance-East Bay Express

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